eArchiving and Collaboration Suite

archiveIt is our built solution for efficiently digitizing a huge chunk of documents fast, while saving time and importantly money.

With the world tending to shift more and more everyday towards a paperless working environment, it’s not enough to have your physical papers in digital formats, you need to make sense out of it and be able to search for details with ease in an indexed manner. Our eArchiving solution came against the backdrop of the document challenges faced by organisations.

Most organisations often have to go through the chore of dealing with a high volume of documents in search of a tiny piece of information. They can get Google to search the internet but it becomes an herculean task panning though waves after waves of documents. That is when we come in with our unique approach, to make their work easy, fast and to achieve far better results.

Our approach involves that we uniquely identify each page of the document, electronically extract data from the hardcopy document before validating extracted date and final updating with related metadata. This is converted to complete data and it’s used to build a database before integrating with a document management solution and collaboration suit.

We would have helped you convert your paper document to digitally searchable PDF while creating the right environment for workflow and collaboration even before you know it. It’s easy, fast, proven and would save your company a lot of time and money.

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Tsaboin Traffic talk

This is an internet based social utility created as a platform for sharing road traffic updates, principally in the Lagos metropolis.

It is a platform that helps road users to help other road users by informing them about the road condition ahead, thereby providing others with information with which they can make smarter decisions about which route to take. One of the major strengths of Tsaboin Traffic talk is the fact that it is a convergence of road traffic related issues and users would not have to swim across a pool of random information before they get to the shore of the vital information they need to make their commuting fast and easy. In summary, it’s a place where you can know what lies ahead.

With complete form and functionality, this service is also available on mobile phones as mobile apps for smartphones; meaning you are always in the loop anywhere you go. With mobile apps for Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Nokia and Windows, sharing traffic experience is way easier, even with options to share details on your favourite social networks.

Now on mainstream media (television and radio), Tsaboin Traffic Talk is now helping lots of Lagosians to navigate through roads with foreknowledge, saving them time and fuel in the process. It shows the immense power of information sharing.

Visit the website ( to see for yourself.

iTracker by Automedics/Tsaboin

Engine condition recordsAs a vehicle owner or manager of fleet of cars, one of your primary concerns will be; What is the status of the vehicle engine? Are they on course? Is the driver driving reasonably? And ultimately, where is the vehicle? There are a lot of services that promises to deliver solutions, but none is like this. If you are managing one car or a hundred cars, you can go online to the internet and check the status of your car on a live map. With features that give you:

  • live log of OBDII Diagnostic Details;
  • speed and driving pattern;
  • fuel, oil and engine status
  • Mileage and much more.

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Announcement: Tsaboin was acquired in February 2020, by Axxess Technologies (USA) and our new home is Cavista. More updates coming soon.